We are accredited


L’Association des Professionals, Industriels, Commerçants d’Aylmer, or APICA, is mandated to support and promote all Aylmer-based business, in order to boost its economy. APICA gathers all businessmen and promotes all of their initiatives to other members. Les Entreprises JYT is proud to participate in Aylmer’s economic development by being a member of an organization that favours entrepreneurship.


APCHQ is a non-profit organization that represents a wide majority of construction and renovation business in Outaouais. It plays an important part in that industry and most particularly in Outaouais as construction and renovation businesses are the biggest employers in the region, right before the Federal Government. Les Entreprises JYT has joined that association to assure our customers in the quality of their services.

Chambre de commerce de Gatineau

La Chambre de Commerce de Gatineau is a network of business people championing Gatineau-based merchants and entrepreneurs’ interests to local and governmental authorities. The participation of all their members contributes to Gatineau’s economic development.