Multi-Residential Property Management Service

Whether you’re a condominium owner or the administrator of your group, trust us to manage your building, and experience peace of mind, efficiency, and profitability. Our experienced, professional, and friendly team will handle all the tasks you wish to delegate..


We execute maintenance and renovation work confidently and thoroughly


  • Regular expert inspection of the building
  • Determination of work according to budget.
  • Rigorous management of tenders and suppliers.
  • Efficient negotiation and management of contracts
  • Methodical supervision of work and handling of complaints.
  • Subscription and monitoring of insurance contracts.
  • Management and maintenance of common areas.
  • Development of outdoor spaces.
  • Security of common installations.


We optimize your meeting and follow-up processes, simplifying your life


  • Careful preparation of meeting documents.
  • Comprehensive drafting of minutes.
  • Rigorous maintenance of records.
  • Smooth communication between stakeholders.
  • Follow-up on requests from condominium owners.
  • Recruitment and professional management of personnel, if applicable.


We ensure rigorous and sustainable financial management and planning


  • Rigorous management of day-to-day accounting.
  • Detailed preparation of budget forecasts.
  • Clear production of monthly financial statements.
  • Fair allocation of charges among owners.
  • Effective management of contributions and collections.
  • Proactive management of contingency funds.
  • Thorough preparation of documents for real estate transactions.
  • Annual production of accurate financial statements.
  • Annual tax declarations accurate and on time.


We help you stand out with tangible eco friendly actions


  • Preparing energy efficiency diagnosis
  • Implementation of ecological measures
  • Optimization of energy consumption
  • Evaluation of green technologies
  • Recommendations to the condominium manager

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